Indonesian Student Association Tasmania

Studying in Tasmania can also mean having holiday and traveling to one of the best tourism destination in the world. Tasmania has become the fourth world top tourism destinations in Lonely Planet. There are TOO many places in this relatively small island in the southernmost tip of Australia. From Cradle Mountain in northern Tasmania and Mount Wellington in the southern Tasmania to Wine Glass Bay in the east coast. From bush walking, cycling, hiking, city tour, river tour to water sport like fishing and diving.

Bridestowe 1 The lavender field presents its fascinating charm under the feather-like clouds.

Summer in December till February is the best time to visit lavender farm in Bridestowe Lavender Estate in northern Tasmania. It is because of the flowering season of lavender. The Lavender Estate is located in Nabowla, 46 km to the northeast from Launceston (around 43 minutes driving). One of the activities of Indonesian community…

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