It was July 11, 2012. I had a trip to Hamburg as one of excursion activities of International Summer School program. After spent few hours in the bus from Osnabrück and visit Tropen Aquarium, I took a look around the city with my friends: Riel (Philippines), Sunjee (Mongolia), Elice (Burkina Faso), and Vatosoa (Madagascar) in that late afternoon.

Accompanied by a map, we just walked to enjoy the scenery and old architectures in the city. It was nice to take some pictures in Port of Hamburg with golden sunshine at that time. So please enjoy 🙂

All the pictures are copyrighted to Edy Setyawan.

It was awesome to see such a nice view in Port of Hamburg in the late afternoon with golden sunshine         ©Edy Setyawan – August 2012